Procedure for ICEG Venue

The International Conference on E-Governance (ICEG) is the main event conducted under the auspices of the International Congress of E-government annually at a location where global participation is encouraged. It attracts thousand or more delegates (researchers, government officers, corporate personnel, NGO representatives, students or a common citizen) from across all parts of the world.

ICEG council decides the venue for the future events. Colleagues from any part of the world (preferably from university) if interested to host any future ICEG should submit a proposal cum agreement (proforma given below) to either the President or Convener of the International Congress of E-government (refer to The proposal should include the following:

  • The city proposed, including brief comments explaining why the city will provide an attractive setting for a conference on e-governance.
  • Choice of conference venue banquet room capacity, meeting space, and hotel room accommodations available.
  • Proposed Conference Chair (or Co-chairs), Program Chair
  • The agreement to use the ICEG -approved Web-based peer review system.
  • Estimated attendance and the basis for the estimate.
  • For the fund management a Finance Coordinator must be identified for keeping authorized, accurate, and complete financial records.
  • ICEG council is very concerned that its conference should an affordable event for anybody with smaller travel budgets.
  • 10% of the registration fee to part with to the International Congress of E-government to extend annual membership to the delegate
  • All authors who contribute by papers (accepted) should be given free registration.
  • The agreement to offer discounts as stipulated for the International Congress of E-government (ICEG) members (50% to students, 75% to individual members, 5 free registrations to corporate/ government/ academic organization members)
  • The agreement to offer sponsorship opportunity to only those corporate/ organizations/ institutions who are member of the International Congress of E-government (ICEG). Sponsors must be encouraged to first take ICEG membership to become eligible to avail the sponsorship opportunity.
  • Of any balance in the fund following the conference, organizers agree to revert at least 50 % or more to the corpus of the International Congress of E-government to support/service the society activities where most of the resources are free to its members and member groups worldwide. While realizing a surplus is not an objective, each conference is expected to contribute a fund balance from the savings.

Agreement for Hosting ICEG(doc)
Conference Budget Estimates(pdf)


If assistance is required in preparing the proposal, please contact M.P.Gupta at IIT Delhi ([email protected])