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Communications of ICEG

Communications of ICEG is a flagship online publication of the ICEG. Its primary aim is to become a vehicle for E-government community in general and ICEG members in particular, to communicate their research ideas and findings. This is fulfilled by publishing articles on a wide range of subjects of interest to the E-government community beyond research results. It is monthly publication with emphasis on originality, importance, and cogency of ideas.

Communications of ICEG would encourage submissions of case studies, survey articles, tutorials, and other materials of general interest to the E-government community.

Specifically, it would strive to bring new types of coverage and features that may include:

  • New innovations and concepts
  • Applications and best practices
  • Case Studies
  • Opinion and notes
  • Teaching and training
  • Tutorials on the state of the art
  • International outlook

Submissions are invited dealing with policy matters (Acts and amendments), National level action plans, technical issues (e.g. architecture, design, integration and standards) managerial challenges (e.g., Change and effectiveness) or latest trends (e.g., E-democracy, open-source, ASP, CRM, TQM and Datamining in government). It is important the article should have a sound practical basis.

To provide adequacy of space for a rich presentation, the Communications of ICEG bars no page limits on the article submissions. Authors can also include backup material (such as detailed data, explanatory appendices, screen images, survey measures, and programs) to supplement the main thrust of the articles. This way Communications of ICEG is different and unique as compared to its printed counterparts and journals.