Research Projects

ICEG R & D Center


Broadly following guidelines are to be followed in undertaking the study projects or capacity building programs

  • Any individual can: ICEG center can act as host for any individual/group desirous to undertake research/study projects with the support of any funding agency. He or she will act Project in-charge and will be responsible for the execution of the project.
  • Administrative assistance: ICEG will provide all the administrative assistance in identifying the supportive agency, submitting the project proposal, fund management, staff recruitment, execution, field visits, documentation, office space and related facility (laboratory, library and maintenance) etc.
  • Project Budgeting: Project in-charge shall have the freedom to use 85% of the fund to utilize in any manner he/she deemed fit for the execution of the project. This includes deciding a salary for him/herself and the other staff required in the project. A budget breakup under salary, travel, equipments, books/journals, contingencies etc. may be planned in the project proposal.
  • ICEG Overhead: There will be 15% overhead charges accounted from all the project to be undertaken.
  • No economic responsibility of failure: The center undertakes to carry out the project as conscientiously as conditions allow, but accepts no economic responsibility, should the work not lead to expected results.
  • Progress report: The center shall supply information regarding the progress of the project at any time at the funding agency’s request.
  • Sub-contract: The project in-charge can sub-contract part of the study to another agency if necessary.
  • Report to the funding agency: The results of all work done in connection with the project, incorporated in written reports shall remain the property of the funding agency.
  • Publication: Results of the project/study will be encouraged for a publication (in form of research paper/report/book) for wider dissemination knowledge subject to the consent of the funding agency.
  • Equipment/facility: Equipment/facility created out of the project execution shall remain part of the ICEG Research Center unless otherwise it is specifically agreed to by ICEG Research Center.
  • Termination Of The Project: The funding agency has a right to terminate the project at any time, but shall be liable for all reasonable expenses incurred in connection with halting work already in progress. The ICEG Research Center has the right to terminate the project with three months’ notice except where otherwise agreed upon. The funding agency in this case will not be liable for any expenses incurred after the period of notice.
  • Terms Of Payment: The fund is to be received before the start of the project work, through a crossed bank draft/ cheque (Bank drafts in the case of private organisations and by draft/cheque for others). The draft/cheque is to be drawn in favour of “ICEG Research Center” and sent to the Director of the ICEG Research Center.
  • Disputes: In the event of any dispute or difference between the parties hereto, such dispute or differences shall be resolved amicably by mutual consultation. If such resolution is not possible, then the unresolved dispute or difference shall be referred to an outside arbitrator to be nominated by the Director of the Institute for a reasoned Award. The Award of the arbitrator shall be binding on the parties to the dispute.
  • Tax: Taxes if any are liable as per the existing land of law and will be notified time to time.