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International Congress of E-Government (ICEG)

The International Congress of E-Government (ICEG), hereafter referred to as "ICEG". (Website: www.iceg.net) is established under the aegis of Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management (GIFT-www.giftsociety.org) and operate at global level.


To advance knowledge in promotion of e-government world over, providing on-demand advice to governments and interested international organizations


To serve as premier non-profit global organization for the individuals/ organizations / governments from the international community and offer them the following significant services:

  • To provide opportunity of knowledge creation and dissemination through Communications and Journals such as the International Journal of E-Government & Policy.
  • To create opportunities to interact with individuals/ organizations with similar interests via international conferences, regional level seminars, round table sessions, and the like.
  • To facilitate less formal communications through newsletters and mailing lists.
  • Institute mechanisms to publicize the achievements of individuals/ organizations from the international community in the form of Leadership Awards or Paper Contest.
  • To formulate advices and recommendations in the field of e-Government and e-Governance
  • Also provide access to resources and services of other societies of similar kind.

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Website Services

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